Women in Syria are being forced to stand in front of tanks and act as human shields before they’re stripped and raped by soldiers

This is the depravity humanity has sunk to in Syria as the war there drags on. But for the first time in months, we may have a chance this week to begin to turn things around.

On Friday, the US and Russian foreign secretaries are meeting in Washington about potentially convening peace talks. But every time they’ve done that in the past, they’ve argued about side issues and stalled -- stalling that the Syrian women and children being raped and slaughtered simply can’t afford. 

We’re already planning powerful giant advertisements just outside their meeting to demand peace talks and a ceasefire now. If we back that with a flood of emails, we can force them to finally end all the delays.We have two days -- send an urgent message to Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov now.


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