Release prisoners of conscience Osmond Ugwu/ Raphael Elobuke Now

I write in respect of Osmond Ugwu, and Raphael Elobuike, two human rights defenders currently spending their second month in Enugu Federal Prison following their arrest at a workers rally on 24th October 2011 at Enugu, South East Nigeria.

I am concerned at the continued incarceration of the two activists and the resolve of the Enugu state government to ensure that they remain in prison.

I am convinced that the fate of Osmond Ugwu and Raphael Elobuike are directly linked to their work as activists and leaders of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) and Enugu State Workers Forum as well as their views on labour and human rights issues in Enugu state, Nigeria.

I am aware that the two activists had at no time openly advocated or employed violence in the cause of their campaign.

I therefore demand that the charges be immediately dropped against Osmond Ugwu and Raphael Elobuike and the withdrawal of all charges against them. change


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