E o drama grego continua *

Highlighting how unpopular aid for Greece is in Germany, opposition to the bailout deal was growing within Merkel's coalition on Wednesday. Several MPs from Merkel's conservatives and her junior partner, the Free Democrats (FDP), said they planned to oppose the package, meaning that she would be unlikely to win next week's parliamentary vote on the deal without the humiliation of relying on her socialist and green opponents.
The IMF managing director is refusing – before of next week's G20 meeting in Mexico – to commit the IMF to a specific share of the new €130bn bailout for Greece. Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, has said it would be €13bn – plus €10bn rolled over from the first €109bn rescue.
This would amount to just 10% of the new fund compared with the 27% the IMF contributed to the first one. The Washington-based body is under pressure from the White House to resist European demands for more funds.
The French Socialists' abstention in a parliamentary vote on the bailout fund also showed that a possible leftwing presidential election victory in May this year could derail the EU's eurozone rescue efforts. guardian

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